Orange County DA’s Office Using Facebook to Find Missing Kids


Keisuke Collins

Rafu staff and wire reports

SANTA ANA — The Orange County District Attorney’s Office on Oct. 19 launched a Facebook page to help it track down missing children, calling it the first social networking page of its kind in the nation.

The page features six cases with victims being found in Japan, Mexico, Zambia and Kansas City, Mo., as well as the case of two children recently found.

Photos of the children will include ones showing how they have aged when necessary. Pictures of the defendants, details about the case, the suspected whereabouts of the victims, resources for parents, and contact information to provide tips to investigators are also posted.

To visit the page, type “Child Abduction Unit/Orange County District Attorney” in Facebook’s search engine or go to and select the tab for “OCDA Child Abduction.”

The victim in the Japan case is Keisuke Christian Collins. In 2008, Reiko Nakata Greenberg-Collins, 47, was sharing custody of Keisuke with her estranged husband, with whom she was in divorce proceedings. A temporary court order barred both parents from leaving Orange County with the child.

Reiko Greenberg-Collins

According to the District Attorney’s Office, Greenberg-Collins called her estranged husband on June 15, 2008 and asked if she could keep their son for one extra day, then abducted Keisuke and flew with him to Japan the following day.

It is believed that the defendant is still living in Japan with Keisuke and her daughter from a previous marriage. Keisuke was 5 years old at the time of the abduction and is now 8.

There is a $250,000 warrant for Greenberg-Collins’ arrest. She is facing one felony count of child abduction.

Keisuke’s father, Randy Collins, has created his own website, Citing numerous cases similar to his, he charges that Japan’s family court system “supports, condones, and encourages the kidnapping of our children.”



  1. It is very unfortunate that the Family Court System in Japan is so broken, and basically treats children like property.

    – No joint custody
    – No enforcement of visitation
    – Child abduction is used to determine custody
    – Parental alienation, a well studied form of emotional child abuse, is common practice.
    – Attorneys in the Japan system recommend abduction, denial of access, and even using the child to extort money from the other parent. — See the Nov. 2011 issue of “Very”, the Japanese Fashion Magazine.

    According to Professor TANASE Takao [ Law Degree from Todai and Phd in Sociology from Harvard] only 2.6% of the children in Japan whose parents are divorced, are allowed to maintain a relationship with the non-custodial parent.

    This is in violation of several UN human-rights treaties that Japan has signed and told that world that it would abide by – but does not.

    It is a complete shame that the people of Japan, who claim to love children, refuse to stand up for the children of Japan and demand reform of the court system. The courts are allowing children to be hurt. The courts are violating Japan’s own laws and constitution. The courts are violating International treaties.

    As the realities of Japan’s broken legal system gain more attention, due to Japan’s reputation as a black-hole for International parental abduction, more and more people will have a negative of the country.

    In closing, the people of Japan need to understand that the courts have taken away their rights as parents. You have NO enforceable parental rights. ANY day that one parent leaves home with the children, could be the last day that the other parent ever sees those children. That is the reality of Japan’s legal system.

    When will the people of Japan stand up for the human-rights of the children of Japan?
    When will the people of Japan honor the agreements they have made to the International community?

  2. …TOTALMENTE DE ACUERDO…Im fed up with the GoJ, MoFA, MoJ…Japanese Police and against the International child abduction by JAPAN!!
    YOKOSO & MADE IN JAPAN…? No, gracias indeed!!

  3. I want to thank you for writing this story. Reiko Nakata Greenberg Collins is my ex wife. She, along with her parents, abducted my son, Keisuke Christian Collins in complete violation of court orders which stated that neither of us was to take him out of Orange County, Ca.. I haven’t seen or heard from him in over 3 years. I love and miss him very much. Until anyone has lost a child to abduction you can never understand the pain we go through. Japan is supposed to be a friend of the US. They are not a friend. Friends do not abduct one’s chidlren. Japan is the #2 offender of International Parental Abduction in the world. These are American children, born and raised, ILLEGALLY abducted to Japan. My son has had his constitutional and human rights stripped away from him. I did nothing wrong. I was a great father and a far better husband than she deserved. I did everything I could to protect my son and my government let him and me down. Japan says it deserves to have the 5 remaining Japanese abducted by North Korea over 30 years ago returned to them. I agree. We american parents deserve no less than what Japan demands from North Korea. Whereas Japan wants the return of 5 abductees, we American parents demand the return and access to the tens of thousands of our children who have been illegally abducted and denied access to both parents by Japan. The hypocricy of the Japnese government speaks volumes. Now they are trying to fool the world by saying it will sign the Hague Treaty. But the parameters it is going to make will render the treaty usless. Japan sanctions, condones, and rewards the abduction of our children. It must be held accountable in the strictest of terms and should not be allowed to sign the Hague Treaty unless it is 100% in compliance of the spirit and terms of the treaty and ALL children with open cases of abduction has been returned to the the United States

  4. Thank You so much for writing this story. My Grandson is Keisuke. What Reiko did to my Son and to the rest of us , words can not even describe the type person she is. Our government should be ashamed of themselves, to allow this to happen. It’s all right if them to bow & kiss a dignitaries ring,put their arm around a dignitary of Japan and say “I’m so sorry for your loss. I don’t know what ld do if this should happen to me”. These are American Kids abducted. IT IS THEIR PROBLEM. Why do we keep giving $$ to all these countries? Are they trying to BUY our FRIENDSHIP? WE WANT OUR BABIES BACK NOW

  5. My dear friends Grandson, Keisuke was taken Illegally away to Japan, by his Mother.The Father, Randy Collins, is a find man,a good provider and was a good Daddy to his little son. Now, all that is left are BROKEN HEARTS ! Its been far too long, this case has been going on too long, its looks as thought NO ONE is doing anything, someone is NOT doing his job in getting this little boy back into his Fathers arms. DO NOT let Japan sign the Hague Treaty, until they see that these American born children are returned back to the USA. and into their legal Parents hands..

  6. It is just sad how our government is so busy protecting NON Americans, and turning their backs on Americans when they should be helping. Our Government is horrible! I can’t even describe the disappointment I have, and ashamed of the American Government. I can’t imagine having my child taken from me, and the people who should be protecting me and my child would be so cold and heartless and not lift a finger to help. Get our kids back! Randy, my heart and prayers go out to you and your little one, and always hoping for a safe return home and seeing you two reunited again, please keep fighting and don’t give up ….

  7. When is Washington going to rescue our American children who are HOSTAGES in JAPAN? If former President Clinton can go and rescue journalist in foreign countries….then it’s time this President does something too. RESCUE THE CHILDREN!

  8. United States children citizens are being abducted and taken to Japan to never see their American parents, Grandparents, cousins, Aunts and Uncles and their family pets again. This is criminal and only right to offer a $ reward. MY grandson was taken from Hawaii in 2006 and I his Grandmother have not touched, seen, talked to him for 6 years this January

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