Miyatake of Manzanar


“The Manzanar Fishing Club” paid tribute to the family of Little Tokyo photographer Toyo Miyatake on Nov. 22 by having a special private screening for Archie Miyatake, Toyo’s son, who was one the first internees at Manzanar to sneak out of the camp, past barbed wire and guard towers, to pursue brief moments of freedom by fishing the nearby waters of the Eastern Sierra. Also pictured is Cathy Tanaka, granddaughter of Heihachi Ishikawa, whose iconic photo is featured on the “Manzanar Fishing Club” poster.

Directed by Cory Shiozaki, the documentary is scheduled for release in February 2012. “While larger battles were being fought in the courts, the Manzanar fishermen were exercising their rights on the ground,” said Shiozaki, an avid fisherman whose parents were interned. “This is the untold story of those who refused to knuckle under and risked all to go fishing just like other ordinary Americans.” For more information, visit www.FearNoTrout.com or follow the film at http://twitter.com/fearnotrout.


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