Assemblymember Yamada’s Remarks on UC and CSU Campus Demonstration Policies


SACRAMENTO — Assemblymember Mariko Yamada (D-Davis) joined her fellow lawmakers at the State Capitol on Dec. 14 for the Senate Committee on Education and the Assembly Committee on Higher Education joint informational hearing on UC and CSU campus policies and procedures for safe civil disobedience.

The hearing was convened after the events on various UC and CSU campuses over the past few months, including the pepper-spraying of peaceful protesters at UC Davis.

Yamada also released the following statement:

“Today’s hearing was the first opportunity for legislative oversight following the troubling events on various UC and CSU campuses over the past few months. There are numerous investigations currently taking place, with more planned, about how and why these incidents occurred. Due process will determine our next steps.

“We must not forget these protests were born out of the outrage and hopelessness that many feel are due to the increasing disinvestment in higher education. This is just one system among many that is under constant attack due to diminishing revenue. These protests and issues will not change until we address the fundamental issue of funding for education.

“Use of force is not just a campus issue, it’s a community issue. The question of force has been a concern in many underrepresented communities. The ‘Occupy’ movement and the events at UC Davis are not isolated. We must balance the discussion of public safety in the context of very difficult economic times and the widespread anger in our nation.

“Just as the protesters linked arms in solidarity, we need to link our arms and eventually shake hands to achieve a positive outcome and renew our focus on higher education, learning, and making our country and our state a better place.”


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