CAPAC, JACL Criticize Decision to Pull Ads from ‘All-American Muslim’


WASHINGTON — Rep. Judy Chu (D-El Monte), chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC), released the following statement this week in response to a decision by Lowe’s Home Improvement to pull advertising from TLC’s new reality show “All-American Muslim.”

The decision was made after a Florida-based conservative advocacy group accused the show, which chronicles the lives of American Muslim families in a Detroit suburb, as “propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values.”

“I am deeply disappointed that Lowe’s Home Improvement considers a reality show about peaceful American families a ‘lighting rod’ for ‘strong political and societal views,’” Chu said. “‘All-American Muslim” is the type of programming that we should encourage because it shows how rich and diverse American life really is. Lowe’s should understand that their customers come from all walks of life and a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

“As a corporate citizen, they should not condone the false and misguided narrative that Muslim-Americans are a threat to our country.  To question the motives and patriotism of an entire group of Americans based solely on their religious beliefs is unfair, unjustified and un-American.”

In a statement that did not mention Lowe’s by name, the JACL condemned “the craven decisions of several companies to pull their advertising from the program due to pressure from anti-Muslim groups.

“Shows like ‘All-American Muslim’ support the American value of religious tolerance by countering the misinformation and bigotry faced by Arab and Muslim Americans. By pulling their advertising based on controversy generated by anti-Muslim sentiment, companies are condoning the continued fear-mongering and discrimination against Muslim Americans.

“The JACL is deeply troubled by the backlash against ‘All-American Muslim’ and by the actions of companies that chose to cave to bigotry rather than stand up for what is right. Instead of condemning the show by withdrawing commercial support, companies should see it as an opportunity to advance a greater understanding about a group of fellow Americans.”


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