Missing Senior Found


SUNNYVALE — Robert “Bob” Kitamura, 75, who was reported missing on Nov. 10, was found on Nov. 13, the City of Sunnyvale announced on its Facebook page.

The Sunnyvale man, a frequent bus traveler, went missing after taking a bus bound for the Eastridge Shopping Center in San Jose. He turned up at San Jose Regional Medical Center and was reunited with his family, according to the Sunnyvale Police Department.

The city’s Facebook post read, “YOU DID IT! Sunnyvale Public Safety let us know that Bob Kitamura was found and rescued by someone who saw his picture posted on Facebook. That means YOUR SHARES helped locate our lost resident. Thank you so much for being active citizens and helping us bring him home safely.”

According to The San Jose Mercury News, no details were available regarding when or why he was admitted to the hospital. The missing-persons report said Kitamura could become confused and forgetful because of an organic brain injury.



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