Taiko All-Stars


Asano Taiko U.S. will present a concert on Sunday, July 29, from 3:30 to 6 p.m. at the Aratani Theatre, 244 S. San Pedro St. in Little Tokyo.

Asano Taiko U.S. and Los Angeles Taiko Institute celebrate five years with this one-time concert featuring California taiko groups and guest artists from Japan. There will be performances by Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka from San Francisco Taiko Dojo, TaikoProject, Ken Koshio, Kinnara Taiko, Kishin Taiko, Makoto Taiko, LATI Students, and UnitOne (pictured), with Yoshikazu Fujimoto, Yoko Fujimoto, and Yosuke from Japan.

Tickets are $30. For reservations, call (213) 680-3700, email [email protected], or visit www.jaccc.org.

Photo by Kim Nakashima



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