4/11 — Guitarist Yoshitake Expe at Royal-T

April 11 — Live at Royal/T < this Sunday, April 11 at 8 p.m. is Yoshitake Expe’s amazing solo guitar concert. Since 2001, Yoshitake Expe  has made a name for himself throughout Japan as an inventive and extraordinary guitarist. Join Culver City’s stunning 10,000 square-foot Japanese “cosplay” maid café for a multisensory
evening of psychedelia, merriment, ambiance, and much much more! $10 cover.

8910 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232-2326
(310) 559-6300

YOSHITAKE EXPE is an extraordinary guitarist from the city of Osaka, Japan whose backbone can be found in a Funk Band in the 90s accompanied by American musicians.
Yoshitake ExpeWith the use of numerous compact effectors he has established a unique Space guitar sound whilst processing sound with a story-like flow like that of a DJ with influences found in P-funk , Electro Techno , with a Brian Eno vibe and sensibility of Brazilian music , at times playing the guitar percussively creating improvised robotic house music , at times playing a sensual guitar solo , but at times very organic with a soothing acoustic sound and is guaranteed to take you on a space odyssey. He has collaborated with varying types of artists from visual artists and painters , avant-garde, improvisational , jazz , techno , hip-hop , world music , music for film and soundtracks and is also highly regarded as a club DJ and continues to expand his musical horizon. He has also held an exhibition of sound installations accompanied with a 100 hour performance in art museums.

Nutron’s debut album was voted “best album of the year(2003)” by Music Magazine and made an appearance at Fuji Rock Festival in 2004 .For the past 5 years he has been playing over 150 shows annually with his solo project. His current projects involve a Space Funk duo with world class drummer Takashi Numazawa , Space Dub Funk with dub mixer Naoyuki Uchida and also formed a Super-Unit PARA together with Seiichi Yamamoto. Amongst many collaborations his performance with the treasure of Brazil , Marcos Suzano is especially memorable.