5/15 – Maryknoll Grand Reunion

May 15—Nestled on the outskirts of Little Tokyo, lies the Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Center, formerly the site of the once proud Maryknoll Catholic School (circa 1926-1995).  Currently, alumni from the school are organizing, for the first time, a major reunion for all classes graduating from Maryknoll School.  The Maryknoll Grand Reunion is scheduled for May 15, 2010 at the Quiet Canyon Restaurant in Montebello.  Happy hour is from 4 to 6 p.m., with dinner to follow from 6 p.m. to midnight.

Maryknoll School’s first class of eighth graders graduated in 1926.  In that same year Maryknoll school organized Boy Scout Troop 145.  In 1936, it organized its Girl Scout Troop.  In 1938 adjacent properties to the school were acquired for a new church, rectory, auditorium, clubhouse and playground.

In 1942, on the same day President Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, an overflow turnout of 1,500 persons met at Maryknoll to ponder the future of the Japanese community.  Following the evacuation order, on March 21, eighty Maryknollers departed for the Manzanar concentration camp, under Army escort.  As such, historically, they were the first World War II evacuees.  In an accelerated graduation, on Easter Sunday, diplomas were issued or mailed to graduates of the class of 1942.  During the War, Maryknoll served as the Saint Vibiana Junior High School.

Following the World War II, Maryknoll was able to regain the Hewitt Street Complex in May of 1948.  Its first postwar class of 16 eighth graders graduated in 1954 and continued until the end of the 1995 term whereupon the Maryknoll order vacated the complex.

Interested individuals from the Maryknoll Alumni are urged to submit their email address and register as quickly as possible to join the Maryknoll Grand Reunion.

Persons interested in joining in this reunion are urged to use the single contact address preferably by email, that is:  Shiz Morita: [email protected] or, if necessary call (714) 848-3764 for entry into the centralized referral system (crs).  One’s information will be added into the Maryknoll Grand Reunion data base and forwarded to the appropriate class contact person.