4/27-5/2—Iwai Shunji: Out of the Films

April 27 – May 2, 2013 – Out of the Films

A solo exhibition of works by director, Iwai Shunji.

“Generally, people call me a Director or Filmmaker. However I feel like I’m just a kid who’s having fun. I like drawing, taking photos, writing novels and composing music. This time, I focused on pictures I drew. Please enjoy them.”

The exhibition will feature some story board art, drawn by Iwai as well as some of his photographs. Iwai Shunji is scheduled to appear in person at the exhibition reception.

For any other information on or about the artist or anything else contact Eric Nakamura at Giant Robot.

IWAI SHUNJI – Out of the Films

April 27 – May 2, 2013 – ONE WEEK EXHIBITION 

Opening Reception:
Saturday, April 27, 2013
6:30 – 10:00 PM
2062 Sawtelle Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90025